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La Rosabelle

“Our dear guests, we hope you can have a true enjoyment with us.”

La Rosabelle, the classical European style restaurant mixed with a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel like a home-away trip. With great food, amazing accompanies, come and have a aristocratic enjoyment! Elegant and classical decorations, oil paintings on the walls, glass chandeliers, the signature staircase, we have all these check-in points that you can’t miss!

La Rosabelle Restaurant Lounge & Bar

-Tung Chung-

La Rosabelle restaurant Lounge & Bar, a hidden gem next to the Sheraton Hotel in Tung Chung. The restaurant is decorated with grand and European palace style. If you are always on the lookout for great weekday lunches and new brunches, here at Rosabelle Bar and Grill, our food is prepared with care and love.

Using our secret recipe with special condiments creates a wonderfully tasting dish. You will not be disappointed. We invite you to come and discover the best meal with us!

La Rosabelle Bar & Grill - by the water’s edge

-Ma Wan-

La Rosabelle Bar & Grill- by the water’s edge in Ma Wan, by its name you can already tell the soul of it. The restaurant’s decoration is based on a Greek-style, classy blue sky and white brick walls.

The restaurant also has an outdoor In the dining area, which you can enjoy the beautiful view of Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge. Dining along with the exotic vibe and beach side view, we hope you would feel as if you are dining in Greece. 

La Rosabelle Bar & Grill

- Tseung Kwan O -

La Rosabelle Bar & Grill, the first classical western restaurant in Tseung Kwan O South. Being the third location, this is a very modern trattoria serving dishes inspired by the Mediterranean provinces of Italy, this new venture has the feel of a European bistro.

Other than nice quality cuisine, you can always look for inspiration for your Instagram. Masterfully crafted by the restaurant owner, La Rosabelle Bar & Grill is outfitted with pairs of vintage-look armchairs and full of art pieces on the wall. Whether you like to pose or not, you can never ignore that grand staircase that will add flair to your Instagram feed!